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Underground Irrigation Systems

Stop wasting water, time, and money with conventional watering and call Hemax for a professional irrigation design, installation, and maintenance.  

We also provide annual maintenance contracts which include:

Spring Start-Up:

Our technician will re-attach the backflow preventer device (if applicable) and turn the water on to the irrigation system.  The performance of all valves and sprinkler heads will be checked and debris will be cleaned out, the technician will run the system to check irrigation coverage, make all adjustments and nozzle changes as needed, make repairs as needed and reprogram irrigation controller based on the current weather.  We will advise on any further repairs and adjustments that the system may need.


Our technician will turn off the water to the irrigation system, remove the backflow preventer device (if applicable), clear all irrigation lines (blow-out with high volume air-compressor) and deactivate irrigation controller.  We will advise of any repairs that the system may need.