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Landscape Illumination

A properly installed landscape lighting system will not only beautify your landscape, but will also provide safety and security around your property. Adding low-voltage accent lighting will also allow you to enjoy entertainment areas at all times. When inquiring about landscape low-voltage lighiting, please ask our sales representative for light fixture catalogs.

We propose to illuminate the follwing areas:

•Main Decks and Patio
Special lighting for nighttime events

Moonlights for soft lighting over your patio or deck

Fixtures at corners and between windows to highlight the facade

Soft path lighting for safe passage

•Planting Beds
Strategically placed lights to enhance the beauty of your plants

•Barbeque Light
Special lights for night cooking

•Water Features
Cross-lighting to draw attention to the waterfall

•Patio Tables, umbrellas, and fireplaces
Glare-free lighting for entertaining

Mounted tree lighting to define physical borders

•Hedges and fences
Illumination lighting to define physical borders